Things Getting Interesting With LeMahieu

The only thing on every Yankee fan’s mind right now is whether or not DJ LeMahieu will be under our collective Christmas tree by season’s start. That being said, let’s get realistic about what’s to come in that realm of baseball free agency…

According to reliable sources, the New York Mets have now thrown their hat in the ring for landing the American league’s star second baseman. This adds tremendous pressure to Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office, as losing LeMahieu would be a bad look for the Yankees in general, but losing LeMahieu to the Mets of all teams, would be worse. On a better note, Cashman has made resigning DJ his top priority this offseason, rather than finding another ace to complement Gerrit Cole in the rotation (what the Yanks have needed since last season). With Steve Cohen as the newly improved, financially sound, owner of the Mets, he would surely be looking to not only make an impactful signing such as LeMahieu in his first stint as owner, but certainly not back down from a deep-pocket bidding war to go after him.

At Bat

The only thing standing in the way of the Mets landing Lemahieu however, is their current second baseman: Jeff McNeil. Cohen would likely not approach a bidding war with the Yankees when already possessing a talented second baseman, such as McNeil. With years of an affordable contract, LeMahieu serves as an addition rather than a necessity.

Pumped Up

With all this being said however, teams are just doing their due-diligence on contacting LeMahieu and inquiring on a price. My own opinion and gut feeling tell me that LeMahieu will stay a Yankee, but all this other buzz will certainly hike the price. If one thing stays the same and works in their favor, they are the New York Yankees, and they have certainly never “gone cheap” on anyone worthwhile in the past. Hopefully they find it in their hearts to work something out in this case, as LeMahieu— in my opinion— serves as the vital middle-infielder and key to a championship winning team.


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