2021 Free Agency Predictions

Could Freddie Freeman possibly leave Atlanta? Will Carlos Correa sign with the Yankees? Does future first ballot hall of famer, Clayton Kershaw leave LA? Kris Bryant heading to Seattle and how much money will Nick Castellanos get? Here, I will predict where the remaining free agents will go.

As there is currently a lockout in MLB right now, players are not allowed to sign until the MLB and MLBPA agree to a new deal. Prior to the lockout, we had some crazy signings!

Well that’s a lot of players right there. That’s just a few of the many signings we had right before the lockout. Now lets predict where the remaining free agents land.

Lets start off with Carlos Correa. Correa is arguably one of the best shortstops in this free agent class. He is only 27 years old. I think he will go to the Cubs. The Cubs are obviously in a rebuilding phase, but they have some talent and may want to make a playoff push heading into 2022. With the Cubs signing Marcus Stroman, signing Correa may be what the Cubs just need. They can build off of them, Frank Schwindel and Willson Contreras. I say Correa signs a deal around 10 years for about $350 million. Lets see if the 2017 cheating scandal that he was apart of brings down his interest from teams.

Could Freddie Freeman leave Atlanta? The answer is no. Although, there are reports that he is tired of waiting with the Braves, I think there is 0% chance he leaves. He is the heart and soul of the Atlanta Braves. He just won his first championship with them. I think Freeman will sign a 4-year contract, getting around $135 million. If he leaves, there are reports that the Dodgers and Yankees are interested in signing him.

Freddie Freeman

Will Clayton Kershaw leave LA? I think he stays with the Dodgers. It would be incredibly hard to watch him go as I am a die hard Dodgers fan. Kershaw is my favorite player and I cannot see him leaving. I think the Dodgers will be able to work a deal out with him. I think he signs a 3-year contract for around $65 million. With a World Series win under his belt, he can continue his amazing career with the Dodgers. The future first ballot hall of famer has battled injuries, but when he is healthy, he is for sure one of the best pitchers in the league.

Kris Bryant helped the Cubs win their first title in 108 years in 2016. Bryant was the National League MVP that year as well. As he can play stellar defense and is very versatile, teams will have a lot of flexibility moving him around the diamond. I think Bryant signs a 6-year contract, getting around $185 million. The team that will give him that contract will be the Seattle Mariners. Yes, the Seattle Mariners. As they are looking to make the playoffs for the first time since 2001, the Mariners have a ton of young talent. Coming off a 90 win year last year, the Mariners just missed the playoffs, but by adding Kris Bryant, this may get them into the playoffs and the Mariners will have their third basemen for years to come.

Kris Bryant

Nick Castellanos killed it in 2021. Becoming a fan favorite quickly, Castellanos opted out of his contract to become a free agent. He is seeking a major payday. I think Castellanos will sign with the San Diego Padres and I think he will get around $200 million for 7 years. This move would be great for the Padres. As they traded Adam Frazier to the Mariners, the Padres could add another outfielder. This could be the final piece the Padres need. After a very disappointing season, Nick Castellanos could be the difference maker.

After a disappointing 2021 season, Trevor Story is looking to redeem himself in 2022, but with a new high paying contract. Surprisingly, Story was not traded during the trade deadline. Will Story stay in Colorado? I do not think so, which is why I am little confused to why he was not traded. Could the Yankees still go after a shortstop? As of now, they have not signed a star shortstop and with Trevor Story still left without a team, this signing could make the most sense for them. I see 29 year old signing a deal with the Yankees for 7 years worth around $240 million. I think this signing makes a lot of sense for the Yankees as I think Trevor Story is one of the best shortstops in the league.

Trevor Story

Kenley Jansen had an amazing 2021 season. With a 2.22 ERA with 38 saves in 2021, Jansen is looking for another big contract. Will the Dodgers resign their closer of the 2010s? The answer is no. I think the Philadelphia Phillies sign Kenley. The Phillies are in desperate need for bullpen pitchers. The Phillies had 70 save opportunities blowing 34 of those chances. I see Jansen signing for 2 years for around $33 million. If this happens, the Phillies got their closer!

I think a lot of people forgot about this player still being a free agent. His name is Anthony Rizzo. As of one of the best power hitting and defensive first basemen in MLB, Rizzo could be looking at a nice contract. I think Rizzo resigns with the New York Yankees. I see him getting around $55 million for 3 years. With this signing, I think the Yankees will look to move Gleyber Torres and Luke Voit and possibly trade for a star pitcher. Who could that starter be you may ask. Well, I think they trade for Luis Castillo. If the Yankees do not sign Carlos Rodon, I think they will pull the trigger and trade for Castillo.

Anthony Rizzo

What a comeback for Carlos Rodon! With 2 serious injuries that altered his major league career and seeing him comeback the way he did was just cool to watch. Throwing a no hitter in April and helping the White Sox make the playoffs, Rodon is for sure looking for a big contract. I think he stays in Chicago and signs a 7 year, $165 million deal. With this signing, the White Sox will have Rodon, Lynn, Kuechel, Giolito and Cease. I think the White Sox make a possible World Series push in 2022 if they get their ace of 2021 back.

Hopefully MLB and MLBPA can work something out so we can see these players sign and watch Spring Training. The season is coming soon, so lets get hyped and get ready for some insane baseball!

Author: js9innings@gmail.com

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